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Stop Doctors from Over-Prescribing

Raise awareness and pass state level legislation to give law enforcement more power to investigate and press charges against doctors who over-prescribe pain medications.

Expand Health Services Statewide

Increase community based health, dental and mental health services to every county in WV through the use of evidence based models such as Expanded School Mental Health and School-based Health Centers.

Teen Pregnancy

Funding for Community Health Centers to provide hours more convenient for students; and requiring PEIA and Medicaid to provide oral health benefits for pregnant women.

Protect Family Violence Prevention

Protect and increase funding for efforts to prevent family violence in West Virginia including the Children's Trust Fund, Child Advocacy Centers, and Domestic Violence Programs.

Stop Child Care Cuts

Without adequate funding to subsidize child care, many struggling families face the difficult decision of continuing employment or higher education and seeking substandard childcare from well-intentioned, but unqualified help or dropping out of the job market to take care...

Parent Leadership and Mutual Support

Educating and supporting parents, especially new parents, is one of the best investments we can make. Right now, many groups around the state (Healthy Kids on Oral and Child Health, Circle of Parents, the Circles Campaign) are experimenting with...

Bi-Partisan Prison Reform that Saves Money

It costs ~$27,000/year to incarcerate an adult – about 5 times the cost of providing top-notch child care for a child in need. A bi-partisan commission has developed a plan to reduce incarceration by implementing tested, cost- saving policies...

Healthy Foods in Your School

Promote a Healthy Foods agenda that includes: expanding some sort of Healthy Foods Programs to at least 5 new schools and/or school districts (school gardens, farm to school, summer school, afterschool meals, student advisory councils, soft drink policies, etc.)...