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May 4, 2020

The meeting was called to order.  Those present included Renate Pore, Julie Greathouse, Cinny Kittle, Marla Short, Sharon Carte, BJ Scarberry, Mary Virginia DeRoo, Phil Edwards, Jim Cook, Sally Richardson, Ann Dacey, Sue Binder, Paulene Shaffer, Linda Anderson, Paula Fields, Anne Durham, Jenny Lancaster, Robin Rector, Becky King, Carol Brown, Kay Nottingham Chaplin.

The Dr. Anda presentation was a huge success.  We may try to have him come back and present at the Child Health conference. 

Our child health conference will function as the last full coalition meeting.  Due to the expense of travel our attendance has dropped significantly so we will not be having any more meetings.  We will plan for a celebration.

Moving out of office-

We will be moving out of our office at the end of June.  The WVCC will allow us office space. 

West Virginian’s to Protect Social Security-

The coalition will sign on to protest cuts in Social Security.

The four tracks that have been identified for the conference are:

-         Children’s Oral health- Phil Edwards

-         Prenatal wellness and Early Childhood- Ann Dacey

-         Health and Wellness- Helen Matheny and Bill Neal

-         Quality and Best Practices- Linda Anderson

Oral Health-  An Oral health advisory group has developed the following agenda-

Oral health home (Ann Cather), increasing referrals(no speaker identified), decreasing missed appointments (still searching for promising practices), fluoride varnish and application by non-dental professionals(Dan Brody).  For an oral health plenary they have contacted Burt Edlestein- if he is unavailable he has recommended a couple of alternatives.  Richard Stevens and Steve Black will be contacted for the discussion panel. 

Robin Rector mentioned that free clinic providers.  Sally R. suggested Bruce Cassis.

Prenatal wellness and Early Childhood- Ann’s committee has identified the following objectives: develop strategies to address prenatal needs, identify birth to five strategies, address workforce needs.  Plenary speaker- Dr. Chaznoff.  Dr. Rob Anda has been identified as an alternate.  PCAWV will contribute $2000 toward Dr. Anda’s visit.  Dr Brown, Dr. Philips have been identified for the panel.  Nancy Atkins would be a good addition, Martha Walker. 

Child Health Quality and Best Practices-  their committee has yet to meet.  Linda is looking for additional members.  Mort Wasserman is being discussed as a plenary speaker.  He is available.  Jim Lewis at Marshall has some quality improvement programs and he may be one of the workshops.  Another potential speaker is Mark Wiest works with the development of mental health programs.

Linda mentioned that a call for presenters may bring out people with projects that we are not aware of.  Sally mentioned that a poster session would be good.   

CEU Update-

We will need to present broad objectives, send those to the speaker and they develop a presentation from that.  There will be a $5.00 accreditation fee per person.  The funds that are received from sponsors will need to go to Robin first.

Communications Update-

Anne shared the Save the Date card.  We also reviewed the data base and reviewed what we still needed.  Registration cards will be sent out in July.

Honorariums will be limited to $1500 each, plus travel expenses.  Each committee chair will negotiate with their speakers.

Anne and Julie will find someone to audio tape the sessions. 

Renate will meet with Robin to develop an evaluation process.

No Greater Legacy Award-????? Yes to the award, mention Hovah, give it to someone who breaks down barriers.

Fun events suggestions:  App. Children’s Choir….

Anne, Julie and Renate will meet to discuss the establishment of PO Box or where conference forms are to be mailed.  A meeting with com. chairs will be set later.

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