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January/February 2004

Public Policy Forum on Children's Issues
Children's Day at the Legislature

The Coalition for West Virginia's Children and Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia are teaming up for two events for people concerned about public policies affecting children and families:

February 17: Public Policy Forum on Children's IssuesĖ Charleston Holiday House Inn
Sid Johnson, President and CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America, will be the keynote speaker, and workshops will be offered on a variety of public policy issues at the Charleston House Holiday Inn. We are applying for CEUs for social workers, nurses and lawyers.

February 18: Children's Day at the Legislature
This year's program includes an overview of hot topics at the Legislature, a legislative panel discussion, performances by youth, exhibits, and visits with legislators.

For more information on the Public Policy Forum and Children's Day, go to http://www.preventchildabusewv.org/childrens_day/index.html. The website includes the programs for both days and registration form (online or mail-in) for participants and exhibitors.

For people attending both days, the Charleston House Holiday Inn is offering discounted room rates of $79 plus tax on February 17. Call (304) 344-4092 by January 17 to make reservations at the special group rate for Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia. For information on other lodging, contact the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1-800-733-5469 or www.charlestonwv.com.

PCAWV and CWVC appreciate the financial support provided for these two events by the Black Diamond Girl Scout Council, Benedum Foundation, Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Sisters of Saint Joseph Charitable Fund, WV Children's Justice Task Force, WV Community Voices (a project of W.K. Kellogg Foundation), WV Department of Health and Human Resources, and WV Developmental Disabilities Council.

CHIP Payment Change Regarding Pregnancy Services

On August 1, 2020 WV CHIP stopped payment for all pregnancy-related medical services. Prior to that time, WV CHIP covered a pregnant woman only until she was approved for Medicaid or, if ineligible for Medicaid. Everything except the delivery was covered. A new procedure has been developed for pregnancy related billings and is explained below.

The WV CHIP claims processor, Acordia National, identifies all billings that are considered to be for pregnancy-related services for WV CHIP staff. Based on this report from Acordia National, WV CHIP staff notifies the county in which the client resides that pregnancy-related services have been billed. This is to alert the worker to take the following actions.

The worker runs eligibility for Medicaid to see if the client can qualify for a Medicaid coverage group that pays for pregnancy-related charges. If the client is eligible for Pregnant Woman Medicaid, WV CHIP is closed, Medicaid is approved, and the client is notified.

If the client is not Medicaid eligible, the worker refers her to the Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health (OMCFH) for pregnancy coverage.

If you have questions about the new procedure, please feel free to contact WVCHIP at 1-877-WVA-CHIP (982-2447).

WV CHIP Faith-based Outreach Campaign

The West Virginia Childrenís Health Insurance Program (WVCHIP) has developed a faith-based outreach campaign to illustrate how congregations can become involved in health ministry throughout the state. The WVCHIP Faith, Health and Unity campaign kicked off in October with a training and resource guide containing sample bulletins and pulpit announcements, flyers and sermon talking points about the importance of embracing good health.

The Faith, Health and Unity Campaign also includes other state health support programs: Childrenís Specialty Care, Birth to 3, Right from the Start, Medicaid Managed Care and Health Insurance Paid Premiums (HIPP).

For more information about the Faith, Health and Unity Campaign or WVCHIP call 1-877Ė WVA-CHIP (982-2447) or visit the WVCHIP website at www.wvchip.org.

Coalition Receives Benedum Grant

The Coalition has received a grant of $125,000 from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. The grant is for outreach, policy development and education around childrenís health coverage. The grant allows the Coalition to contract with 12 community partners and to expand its work beyond CHIP and Medicaid Coverage into working with communities and families to access health safety net services. Grants of $5,000 per community partner will be available.

The Coalition is soliciting applications from community coalitions of three or more organizations. Participation in this project requires (1) attending four meetings in Charleston, (2) working with others in a region to host a training session, (3) developing a plan and conducting local outreach to families eligible for CHIP and Medicaid. Applications must be received by February 2, 2020. For more information contact Renate Pore at: renateepore.pore@verizon.net .

CWVCís "Children and Choices" Policy Paper

The CWVC Public Policy Committee has been worked diligently to prepare a Children's Policy Paper to see us through the 2004 Legislative session and campaign cycle. The paper, "Children and Choices" , makes several points, these are:

1. Avoid reductions in state funding for children
2. Increase revenue and save money without reducing the quality of services
3. Invest more in programs that are proven by research to produce positive results and reduce cost over the long run.
4. Bring more accountability and transparency to economic development policies.
5. Build public/private partnerships for outreach and problem solving.
6. We must make every effort to support our children and their families and make it possible for them to stay in West Virginia and thrive here.

CWVC urges state policy makers and citizens to maintain our stateís investment in children.

For more information on "Children and Choices" visit www.coalitionwvchildren.org or call 342-6972.

Join the Coalition for WVís Children

Dear WV Healthy Kids and Families Members:

The Coalition for WVís Children (CWVC) Needs Your Support. Please consider becoming a member now.

For the past five years, Healthy Kids and Families has worked closely with the CWVC to promote its health policy agenda. Healthy Kids and Families has been able to use its resources and expertise to do research and develop policy positions on health issues impacting children and families. The CWVC has been able to use that information to develop a Legislative agenda and educate policy makers.

The CWVC is able to lobby because it derives income from membership fees. Healthy Kids and Families has intentionally never charged a membership fee because our work is generously supported by a number of private foundations. Healthy Kids and Families members, who want to see our work represented in the legislative process, should join the CWVC. We could not have achieved as much without the work of the CWVC. Please join now (before you forget).

Renate E Pore

Coalition for WV Children Membership
Membership Levels:
Sustaining membership $500
Organizational Membership $100
Supporting Membership $100
Individual Membership $25

YES, I want to be a CWVC member and have health issues represented at the Legislature: Please send a check indicating the Membership level and include the following information:

Email address:

Mail Check and information to:

Coalition for WV Children
PO Box 1925
Charleston, WV 25327


WVHKFC Listserve
The WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition is pleased to announce the development of itís new listserve. This listserve was developed to keep you better informed of new developments and announcements related to the work of the coalition.

If you wish to subscribe or if you have any questions or comments related to this listserve please contact Julie Greathouse at (304) 345-6349 or by e-mail at jdg_outreach@hotmail.com.

Free Dental Services at WVU Tech
WVU Tech in Montgomery, communicated that their Dental Clinic has great need for patients needing cleanings and dental work There are no eligibility or income requirements, and no fees are charged Free dental hygiene PREVENTIVE services are offered to patients willing to be part of the learning experience. Patients seen in the clinic must understand that this is a learning facility, and there is a substantial time commitment, a minimum of 3 hours, and a shorter screening appointment prior to the initial cleaning appointment. They offer the following services: cleanings, dental x-rays, and fluoride. On a more limited basis they can offer sealants and study casts. All patients are referred to their respective dentist for complete dental examinations.

Appointments can be made after January 15, 2020 until the end of April, Monday through Thursday at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm. During the fall semester, appointments are only available on Monday and Wednesday from the end of August until the end of November.

Call 442-3345 after January 15th to schedule a screening appointment.

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