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WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition
June 2003 Newsletter

Next WVHK&FC Meetings:

July 9
Steering Committee 10:00-12:00
Simplification/Coordination Committee 1:00-3:00 2003 Quarrier Street, East
July 16
Outreach Committee 10:00-12:00
July 16
Full Coalition
1:00-300 Location to be announced August 20
Steering Committee     10:00-12:00
2003 Quarrier Street, East

Contact us:

2003 Quarrier St. East Charleston, WV  25311

(304) 558-2397
(304) 558-0596-fax

Julie Greathouse
(304) 558-2397

Charles Blackmon
(304) 558ľ 1955



June 2003

Prevention Summer 2003ă Proposals Funded

In an effort to increase awareness of the ăPrevention Summer 2003ă campaign and to promote preventative services and education in communities across the state, the WV CHIP office has offered a funding opportunity to community service organizations for projects geared toward prevention. Many wonderful proposals were received with 12 awards of up to $2000 being granted to the following organizations:

Valley Health Systems, Inc.- Perfect TEN

Valley Health Systems, Inc.- Valley Health Associates

Family Care- Health and Fun Fairs 2003

Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, Inc.- "Winning Smiles"

Hygeia Facilities Foundation- Raleigh-Boone Summer Prevention Clinic

Raleigh County FRN- Tri-County Prevention Project

Cabin Creek and Riverside Health Centers- Fall Enrollment Campaign

Jackson Co. Community Health Center- Children's Health and Safety Festival

Coplin Memorial Community Health Center- Children's Health and Safety Festival

Bellington Medical Clinic- Healthy and Back to School 2003

Tug River Associates- Dinnertime Smiles

Whosoever Will Full Gospel Baptist Church- Good Health Festival

The selected recipients are to be congratulated on their strong focus and unique approaches toward preventative services and education.

Helmets and Scooters Available for ňBack to Schoolă

The WV CHIP office will be purchasing bike helmets and scooters for agencies to give away in conjunction with their ňBack to Schoolă enrollment efforts. The helmets will be available in the following sizes:

ChildăsÓ 5-8 yrs.

YouthÓ 8-14 yrs.

AdultÓ 14+

Organizations that are planning events should notify the WV CHIP office with the date and nature of the event as well as the sizes of helmets you would like for you event. The number of helmets distributed to each organization will depend on the number of responses.

Organizations that respond will be entered into a drawing to receive one of the scooters to be given away as a grand prize. Events will also be listed on the WV CHIP activities calendar.

To register your event, contact Pam Gunter at (304) 558-6633 or e-mail at pamelagunter@wvdhhr.org by June 30.

New location for WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition

The WV Healthy Kids and

Families Coalition is on the move. As of July 1, 2020, the Coalition will have a new location at 2003 Quarrier Street, East in Charleston. We will be located on the second floor.

Please make a note of our address change:

WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition

2003 Quarrier Street, East

Charleston, WV 25311

Our new phone number and any additional change in contact information will be in the next issue of the newsletter.

Julie Greathouse
2003 Quarrier Street, East
Charleston, WV 25302
(304) 558-2397

"Prevention Summer 2003" Campaign

Summer is here and kids will have a lot of free time on their hands. WV CHIP is hoping that some of this free time will be spent in the doctorăs office­ getting preventative check-ups.

The ňPrevention Summer 2003ă campaign is underway and the goal of the campaign is to promote preventative services to CHIP participants. Physicians, dentists, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians will be offered a higher reimbursement fee from May 15-September 30, 2020 for preventative services.

An informational mailer was sent to providers as well as CHIP participants informing them of the campaign and encouraging parents to get their children ready for school by making an appointment with their childăs doctor.

Children will be eligible for preventative health and dental check-ups, a pair of replacement glasses and an additional eye exam.

For more information on the ňPrevention Summer 2003ă campaign, visit the WV CHIP website at


 State Fair Volunteers Needed 

WVCHIP is looking for volunteers to staff the booth at the West Virginia State Fair during the week of August 8 - 17. The booth will be located in the WV State Building.

Volunteers will distribute promotional items, information and applications to fair-goers. There will be two shifts: 9 am - 3 pm and 3 pm - 9 pm.
CHIP will provide lodging and the entrance ticket to the fair. Parking is free.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact: Pam Gunter at 558-6633 or pamelagunter@wvdhhr.org

Covering Kids and Families ňBack to Schoolă Campaign 2003

Covering Kids and Families is preparing for ităs fourth annual ňBack to School 2003ă enrollment and outreach drive which will kick-off July 31, 2003. The goal of the Covering Kids & Families Back-to-School outreach effort is to place childrenăs health care coverage at the top of the "to do" list of every parent with an uninsured child. Over the last several years, thousands of Back-to-School events have taken place. In every state and the District of Columbia, parents have been reached with the message that low-cost and free health care coverage is available. As a result of this outreach, national and toll-free hotlines have been flooded with calls from parents of uninsured children.

We are excited about West Virginiaăs participation in this National effort again this year. Organizations are encouraged to organize ňBack to Schoolă activities in their area.

To assist you in your efforts, you may order a copy of the Action Kit or download the template materials on the Web at www.coveringkids.org/communications. Spanish-language versions of the template materials are also available on the Web site as well as promotional items such as bookmarks, stickers, and posters.

Look for more information on upcoming ňBack to Schoolă events in the next WVHK&FC newsletter.

Editorial on CHIP from the Charleston Daily Mail

CHIP brings millions of federal dollars into W Va.

The Daily Mailăs articles and editorials about the West Virginia Childrenăs Health Insurance Program are always negative and cranky. No doubt al lot of government programs deserve criticism, but the Childrenăs Health Insurance Program is not one of them.

The Mailăs news articles and editorials could be more credible if writerăs would be more thoughtful and discerning.

CHIP is one of the best government-supported programs we have in West Virginia. Just ask the thousands of hard-working parents who get some help in taking care of the medical needs of their children.

Ask the doctors, dentists and hospitals who get paid for providing services. Ask the children, who will have a better chance in life because their heath care needs are being met.

On top of all that, CHIP supports the stateăs economy by bringing millions of new Federal dollars into West Virginia.

The Mailăs concern that CHIP will become a deficit program in the future are premature. Before 2007, when the first deficits are projected, many things can happen. West Virginia may get some more of the unspent Federal CHIP appropriations.

For example, this year the state received an additional $16 million in redistributed federal dollars. Congress may decide to increase payments to states when the program begins to reach ităs financial limits.

If there are no new federal dollars the Governor and State Legislature have the option of limiting the program or charging parents more for co-payments.

In the meantime, letăs support hard-working West Virginia Families and their children. Ităs a good investment.

Renate E. Pore

Published in the Charleston Daily MailÓ Monday, June 16, 2003.


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