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WVHKFC Outreach Committee 

10:00 A.M.-12:00 noon

The WV Healthy Kids Coalition (WVHKC) Outreach Coordinators met on Wednesday, October 16, 2020 at the WV Hospital Association Offices.

Renate Pore welcomed everyone and asked for self-introductions.

Pore provided an update from the recent Robert Wood Johnson Foundation site review. They have asked for significant changes for the operation of the Coalition:
-Hire a full-time Project Director—Julie Greathouse has been hired full-time, effective November 15, 2020.
-All outreach activities will be asked to report in the same format as RWJF (The primary care outreach sites are exempted from this because their efforts are not currently considered a match for the RWJF Grant)
-Strengthen our simplification and coordination efforts—New committees have been established:

  • The Coordinators bi-monthly meeting is being re-named the Outreach Committee. It will meet prior to the regular WVHKC meetings and is being chaired by Nancy Tonkin.
  • A new Simplification and Coordination Committee has been established, chaired by Nancy Tolliver.

-Old committees continue to operate:

  • Steering Committee continues to function but has added the Director of the Medicaid Program (Nancy Atkins) and staff from the Eligibility Policy Unit (Sherry Stenton) to its ranks.
  • Policy Committee continues under the direction of Carol Sharlip.
  • Prevention Committee continues under the direction of Janet Hunt.
  • The WVHKC outreach coordinators will continue to meet bi-monthly with committee meetings during the morning.

Policy Discussion—Carol Sharlip
Carol reviewed the 2002 position statements and ascertained that the WVHKC still supports the issues. The WVHKC adopted the position to support an increase in tobacco taxes so it will be added to the list of current priorities.

Back-To-School Activities—Pam Gunter
The Back-To-School events resulted in approximately 500 children enrolling in CHIP during the two month period from August 1-September 27th.

There were approximately 38 events scheduled throughout the state including:

  • Kids Classic Festival in Beckley
  • March of Dimes walks in Elkins and Bluefield
  • African-American Community Youth Festival in Beckley
  • Buck Wheat Festival in Beckley
  • Wirt County Fair
  • Craigsville Fall Festival

There was a 5 county multi-media campaign that focused on those counties with the highest number of uninsured children. There were radio ads, television spots on cable networks and newspaper ads "Don’t Miss the Bus".

The numerous community activities combined with a targeted advertising campaign resulted in 1694 information calls to the CHIP Hotline, a significant increase in the number of calls. For example:

July (prior to the ad campaign and the community events) - 1290 calls
August (campaign begins) - 2144 calls
September (campaign continues through end of September) - 1694 calls

Nancy Tonkin reported that 400,000 NIE inserts were printed and distributed to the school boards and through home delivery of the Charleston Gazette, Charleston Daily Mail, Beckley Herald, and Princeton Newspaper. Outreach coordinators informed the group that the schools did distribute them to the community schools for students to take home and/or use in the classrooms.

Policy Update—Sherri Sergent
Sherri has replaced Eddie Ingles in the Policy Unit and will hopefully continue to attend and provide timely updates in policy issues for the Coalition. She suggested that outreach coordinators get to know their local eligibility workers, especially the newest ones.

She reported that SSI income does not count in the needs group when determining CHIP or Medicaid income. They do not count as a person in that group either (don’t count income or the individual). She is willing to answer policy questions, contact her at sherrisergent@wvdhhr.org or 558-6613.

Nominees for Champions for Children—Nancy Tonkin
During the Celebration Dinner on December 10th, the WVHKC will provide some awards for individuals who have significantly helped the enrollment of children and families into health insurance programs. Nominations are due October 25th for the award. Forward them to Nancy at nancy.tonkin@wvtmg.com or fax: 304-344-4139. Nomination forms were e-mailed out to outreach coordinators)


  • There is a new report on Oral Health regarding dentist’s attitudes to serving Medicaid and CHIP patients—to be reported on during the January WVHKC meeting.
  • Better Health for WV Women Conference scheduled for January 18-19, 2002 in Charleston. Check out the web page: www.chandcompany.com
  • March 10-16—Week of the Uninsured
  • New WVHKC Web site Address: www.wvhealthykids.org
  • New e-mail address: wvhealthykids@aol.com

Next Meeting:
The WV HKC will meet on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at the Office of the Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Families at 210 Brooks Street, Suite 300.




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