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West Virginia Perinatal Partnership 2008
Central Advisory Council Meeting

May 16, 2020
9:00 AM-3:00 PM
West Virginia State Medical Association
4307 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
Charleston, WV 25364
Phone: (304) 925-0342 ext. 25


Meeting Agenda

9-915 AM Introductions and Greeting
Robert Nerhood, MD, OB-Gyn, Chair, Central Advisory Council
Nancy Tolliver, Director
Review Purpose and Goal of Central Advisory Council
2008 Workplan


9:20 AM National Campaign to Reduce Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
Teen Pregnancy Study Nancy Tolliver
WV Learning Tour - Report of Findings- Joyce Daniels

9:25 AM Central Advisory Council - Subcommittee Presentations
Ann Dacey, RN, Nurse Coordinator, Perinatal Partnership - 2007

Guidelines of Care: Distribution of Guidelines, Feed back and Final Reports.
    Obstetrical Guidelines Luis Bracero, MD, Subcommittee Chair
    Neonatal Guidelines Janet Graeber, MD, Subcommittee Chair
Perinatal Guidelines Appendix A-H.

9:55 AM Maternal Mortality Review Legislation Luis Bracero, MD

10:00 AM Transportation Summit: Announcement: Scheduled for June 19, 2020
Renee Domanico, MD, Subcommittee Chair

10:05 AM Telecommunications Subcommittee
Greenbrier Valley Hospital and CAMC Project

10:15 AM Universal Screening Tool and Data Subcommittee
Legislation and potential for 2009
Pat Moss, MSW, Subcommittee Chair

10:20 AM Labor Induction/c-section Study Projects:
    WVU Michael Stitely, MD (Induction Bundle Requirements)
    Marshall U Robert Nerhood, MD
    CAMC Luis Bracero, MD

10:45 AM Break

11:00 AM Committee on the Shortage of Obstetrical Providers
Angelita Nixon, CNM, Committee Chair

    Model WV Hospital Credentialing for CNMs
    WV PCA Committee on Economic Impact Studies for Model
        Rural Obstetrical Practice: Terri Bliziotes, RN, MPH
Women's Health

11:10 AM Discussion, Questions and Answers Webex Participation

11: 30 AM Lunch

12:15 PM Committee on the Lack of Oral Health Care in Pregnancy
Bobbi Jo Muto RDH

    Study to Improve Oral Health Care in Medicaid Women Under 19
    Years of Age WV Health Care Authority Data - Bobbi Jo Muto, RDH.
    Birth Score data and Oral Health Bobbi Jo Muto, RDH

12:30 PM Committee on Drug Use During Pregnancy
Stefan Maxwell, MD, Committee Chair, Amy Tolliver, MS

Neonatal Identification Tool Kit
Medical Guidelines

Characterization of Babies Discharged from Cabell Huntington Hospital During the Calendar Year 2005 with the Diagnoses of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

    March of Dimes Grant Report: Tool Kit to ID neonates addicted a Sandy Young, RN,MS
    Report on medical-legal studies to identify issues regarding drug testing during
    pregnancy. Michele Grinberg, Esq.
    Review Proposed Guidelines for universal testing and referral for treatment
    during early pregnancy Stephanie Nicodemus, CNM
    Potential USDTL Newborn Cord Tissue Study Michael Stitely, MD
    Birth Score Data and Economic Impact Draft Report: Nancy Tolliver, RN

1: 15 PM Discussion Webex Participation

2:30 PM Closing Remarks and Next Meeting Date: Robert Nerhood, MD

Additional Reports Included with Handouts: Nancy Tolliver

Committee to Promote and Support Breastfeeding, Cinny Kittle, MS

    Legislative Funding Appropriation for Training,
    Training Program Details, Cinny Kittle, MA
    Establishment of Lactation Consultation State Network.

Committee to Reduce Tobacco Use, Cinny Kittle, MS





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