W. Va. Healthy Kids and Families Coalition

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Policy Briefs

Healthy Kids --  Healthy Schools: Recommendations To Promote Health & Advance Learning In West Virginia

The School Health Partners met for almost two years to understand the current school based health system and develop recommendations for change.  This is their report.  Read

Blueprint for West Virginia Perinatal Health

Final Report of the West Virginia Perinatal Wellness Study completed in 2006.  The study was a project of the West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition and West Virginia Community Voices with funding from The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. Read

The State of Kids Coverage (2006)

This report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows, among other things, that the number of uninsured children has decreased by 2 million since the creation of SCHIP and recent expansions in public programs. In the same period, the number of uninsured Americans has increased by nearly 5 million people. Read

Expanding the West Virginia Children's Health Insurance Program Through Increased Cost Sharing

This is the report of a study exploring "all available means" to open participation in WVCHIP to families with incomes as high as 300% of the federal poverty level.  The WVCHIP board considers whether allowing families to share part of the cost would increase health coverage. Read

State Health Insurance Coverage Estimates:  Why state survey estimates differ from CPS

Explains why the US Census Bureau's data on children's uninsurance rates (the CPS) differs from that reported by the West Virginia University Institute for Health Policy and Research. Read 

Improving Access Through Policy and Process Change  (2004) 

Reports on progress to date, and contains the latest recommendations for expanding health coverage in West Virginia and streamlining administrative processes.  This is the document that presents the WVHKFC's goals and strategies for 2004-2005. Read

Better Health for West Virginia (2001)

This 2001 publication describes the decline of adequate health care coverage for both children and adults in West Virginia and offers recommendations for policy changes to address the problem. It was produced in 2001 by the West Virginia Community Voices Partnership in collaboration with the Healthy Kids Coalition and the American Friends Service Committee. Read