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Budget Cuts Report

The Governor line item vetoed $1.06 million that we fought hard to restore.  This funding cut would put at risk $14 million in leveraged funds and could cause 80 or more job losses.  Worst of all, hundreds families that want to stop the cycles of violence and poverty - would have nowhere to turn. Read […]

Better Health for West Virginia (2001)

This 2001 publication describes the decline of adequate health care coverage for both children and adults in West Virginia and offers recommendations for policy changes to address the problem. It was produced in 2001 by the West Virginia Community Voices Partnership in collaboration with the Healthy Kids Coalition and the American Friends Service Committee.

The State of Kids Coverage (2006)

This report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows, among other things, that the number of uninsured children has decreased by 2 million since the creation of SCHIP and recent expansions in public programs. In the same period, the number of uninsured Americans has increased by nearly 5 million people