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Thank you for your interest in voting on the Our Children, Our Future 2015 Platform.  Every year, our campaign picks 10 issues to focus on as we fight for an end to child poverty.  In the past, we have won on issues ranging from Raising the Minimum Wage, to Expanding School Lunches, to Restoring Cuts to Children’s Programs.

Below is the ballot for 2015.  (Click the button that says “DOWNLOAD.”)  You can print this out and return it by Tuesday, November 25th, - OR - you can vote on-line starting Thursday, November 20th, in the afternoon.  On-line voting will be available at ocofwv.org.

Thank you to the hundreds of citizen leaders, parents, youth, community organizations, advocacy groups, legislators, associations, unions, chambers of commerce, and faith institutions that have spent the last year (and longer) getting these issues ready.

(Note: anyone who has participated in any Our Children, Our Future event or campaign, or is part of one of our partner organizations, is eligible to vote.)