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Job Description – Family Engagement Director

West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition




The West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition (WVHKFC) is a fast-growing, statewide citizens organization.  We are West Virginia kids, families, and the people who care about them – building a better future through leadership development, community engagement, and policy change.  We help lead coalitions that run the gamut of policy change and leadership development – from helping to pass 21 pieces of statewide legislation to awarding 154 mini-grants to community teams engaged in health and economic development projects to equipping 104 West Virginians with the skills to run for office.  Every one of these efforts succeeds, because these programs are deeply collaborative.  We are looking for someone to direct our next major collaborative program, a coalition effort to increase parent and family leadership in public education – tentatively named Our Schools, Our Future (a final name vote will take place at our next meeting, 10/25).




The OSOF Director’s main job will be to build this program from scratch, from the ground up.  We are looking for someone with a founder’s mentality, who can be creative and responsible and multi-talented.  They will have the support of our team, but the final responsibility will be theirs.  We have one year of funding for this program, and a commitment to two more years after this.  Our ideal candidate will be someone who is able to tackle all, or nearly all, of these responsibilities IN YEAR ONE:

  • Cultivate, sustain, and organize quarterly meetings for a broad “Core Leadership Team”, consisting of at least 50 partner organizations, parents, and stakeholders (including groups like the Education Alliance, teachers unions, Circle of Parents, Legal Aid, WVU Extension, the WV Chamber of Commerce and the WV PTA); this is the most important job, the one that helps you accomplish the rest…
  • Create a print and on-line “guide” with at least 25 strategies for how families can take real action in their local school communities (how to start an afterschool program, how to expand school breakfast and lunch, how to launch an entrepreneurship initiative, and so on).  Each strategy must include:
    • A basic, step-by-step how-to;
    • A photo and story about a West Virginian who is making this happen;
    • A contact of a West Virginia family and/or organization who would be willing to offer help to others who’d want to do this too;
  • Place at least 20 news stories in local media outlets, highlighting the work of our coalition and, more important, the individual accomplishments of families in schools;
  • Host a series of 10+ spring 2017 meetings to help launch the guide, get feedback, and provide basic training for families who want to be more engaged;
  • Host a major gathering (or gatherings) in late summer 2017 to formally launch the entire program, train parents and families how to do these things, and launch our mini-grant program;
  • Develop a mini-grant program, including creating an application, finding at least $20k in matching dollars, and recruiting at least 35 applications (of which at least 25 get funded);
    • Mini-grants would go to teams of families working with other partners within a school, who want to tackle a problem in their school and/or implement one of our strategies
    • Each mini-grant team would be assigned a helper
  • Raise $50,000-$100,000 in matching funds, to boost our capacity and expand our mini-grant process.  This could mean applying to local, state, and national foundations; looking for sponsors; government contracts; etc.
  • Find other creative ways to unite this program with other HKFC programs, and pitch-in to other HKFC initiatives.  Attend weekly staff calls, weekly meetings with our ED, and quarterly staff retreats.


Like everyone on our team, you will work hard, and your job will be very diverse.


The salary for this position could range between $25-50k — depending on experience, skills, and whether you intend to take this on as full-time employment or a contract position.  Our organization has generous paid-time-off and sabbatical plans.


If you are interested, please send a resume, cover letter, 3 references, and a detailed 2-page plan of how you will accomplish the above goals in your first 12 months to Stephen Smith at stephen@ourfuturewv.org with “Family Engagement Director” written in the subject heading.  Our ideal candidate will be someone who has 1) achieved real change in their own school/community, 2) successfully organized at the state level, and 3) has a founder/director’s ability and mentality.  Your cover letter should address how you match some of those qualities.  Please return applications by September 9th, 2016.


We strongly encourage applications from women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community, and people of all ages and experience levels.