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The meeting was called to order.  Those present included:  Julie Greathouse, Renate Pore, Jennifer Kayrouz, Marla Short, Gary Zuckett, Nancy Tolliver, Dr. Samier Yousfi (3rd year Pediatric resident), Dr. Olec Kovalenko (3rd year Pediatric resident) and Sharon Carte.


The minutes from the November Steering Committee meeting were read and approved.


Process Improvement Collaborative-  Patty Martin, Renate Pore, Sharon Carte and Marla Short are participating in the CKF process improvement collaborative.   In December, 18 families were called and asked why they had not renewed.  A better response was received in the evening vs. morning.  Families were very receptive to the calls.  This small- scale research project is being conducted in one county with the results to be sold statewide.  Our participation in this project fulfills our simplification and coordination requirement for our CKF project.  Renate is working on a Simplification report, which will be formatted and published.   


Bendum Community Partner Grant-  The Coalition received a grant from Benedum for $125,000 to be used for outreach and policy work.  Twelve community partners will be established across the state.  An announcement will be sent out with an application to apply.  They will be required to attend the 4 full coalition meetings, set up a regional training session, and an outline of an outreach project.  Partners will be selected in February.


The ARC grant would also fund a similar project if the funding is granted.


CHIP Update-  CHIP just released it’s annual report to the Legislature.  It contains some never before published information including enrollment data (never enrolled before) and utilization data.   There were 240,000 unduplicated enrollments at some point in time during Oct.1, 2002 –Sept. 30, 2003.  The unduplicated numbers have decreased from the year before, while Medicaid’s unduplicated number has increased.  The results of the CHIP customer satisfaction survey will be completed this week.  RAPIDS is testing a passive renewal notice in February.  New software will be purchased by RAPIDS that will revamp all of the notices and make them more ‘reader friendly’. The CHIP renewal envelope is now marked with “Important-time to renew your child’s health insurance coverage.”


A suggestion is made to contact Anne Durham to establish an annual media/PR plan for the year.  Renate will contact Anne and get a price.


Office Update-  The Coalition may get a new phone number instead of sharing the phone with Tolliver Consulting.  The new number will be released as soon as it is set up.  As soon as the new number is secured new stationary and envelopes will be printed.  Renate and Julie will be in the office on Monday’s.  The website is being updated by Julie and a listserve is being established.


Best practices in outreach papers are completed and will be published this year.  They will be distributed across the state.


The year-end grant reporting will be due by January 31, 2020.  This reporting will consist of a financial report, annual narrative, annual bibliography and grant products and the web-based reporting component.  A discussion was held to gather feedback on what areas we were successful in as well as areas that we feel that we experienced difficulties.  These will be included in the reports.


The meeting was adjourned. 


Minutes submitted by Julie Greathouse

Next Steering Committee meeting will be on February 4, 2020.



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