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The meeting was called to order.  Those present included:  Julie Greathouse, Renate Pore, Nancy Tolliver, Pam Gunter, Dennis Sparks, Heather White, Sharon Carte, and Ann Durham.


The minutes were reviewed and one sentence was amended.  The minutes were accepted.  Dennis Sparks motion, Heather second.


Benedum Community Partners have been selected.  Twelve were selected out of the 35 applications received.  A list of selected partners was developed.  If ARC funding is granted there will be the capacity for an additional 15 partners.  The remaining applications will be reviewed for this additional opportunity at that time.


CHIP Legislation-  Legislation has been developed.  The legislation has obtained sponsorship by M. Leach, ++++  The plan proposes expanding coverage to children in families earning between 200-300% of FPL.  No cost to state if they buy in to program with a $25-$30 per month premium.   This would be in addition to the co-pays already established with the program.  The most recent survey shows that 96.3% of all children had had coverage at some time during the year and 93% had coverage at the time of the survey.  Expansion of CHIP coverage would cover the most of the remaining uninsured children in WV.


CHIP Update- Passive renewal notices are going out to all families who are up for renewal.  This will be done every other year.  A pre-populated form will be sent out 30 days prior to renewal date asking if any of their information has changed.  If not, the form only needs to be signed and returned. 


There was a huge spike in electronic applications in January.  At least 500 applications were received.  Posters have been developed and distributed by the CHIP office promoting use of the inROADS process.


The coalition will have a booth for Children’s Day at the Legislature.  Information will be distributed. 


Cover the Uninsured week will be May 10-16 this year.  Last year we had a tremendous response to our efforts.  We will establish a committee in conjunction with the WVU HPRI to develop an action plan for this year’s event.


Communication Plan-  Anne Durham has formatted a series of Outreach papers for distribution.  These will be distributed to funders, all RWJF projects, press and in outreach training.  An order form will be developed and a plan will be developed for future printings.


There was discussion centered on what we need to establish a communications plan for the next two years of the project- how to continue support for programs, people to become more supportive of insuring adults, a strategy for future communications.  Anne Durham will develop the plan and share with the coalition.


Agenda for Full Coalition Meeting-  Items to include:  CHIP Legislation, Children’s Day, CHIP customer satisfaction survey, passive renewal, annual report, outreach papers,  Community partners, training and development of the advisory committee for Cover the Uninsured Week. 


The meeting was adjourned.


Next meeting will be March 3, 2020 at 2003 Quarrier Street.


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