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WVHKFC Steering Committee 

March 3, 2020


The meeting was called to order.  Those present included:  Renate Pore, Julie Greathouse, Sharon Carte, Pam Gunter, Marla Short, Anne Durham, and Shelley Baston.  The minutes were read and approved.


Cover the Uninsured Week-  There will be an advisory committee meeting on March 9 to develop a strategy for Cover the Uninsured Week 2004,which will be May 10-16.


Simplification and Coordination report-  The publication is finished and copies are available for distribution.  There was a discussion on the distribution of this report.  The following organizations were suggested:  school nurses, CWVC, Full Coalition, funders (Bendum-Renate, RWJF-Julie, Kellogg- Nancy, SSJCF- Renate), Legislators, DHHR (Fred, Paul, Margaret, Nancy Atkins), HMOs, and Primary Care Association.


Process Improvement Collaborative- The coalition is participating with the CKF Process Improvement Collaborative.  The committee is looking at small scale improvements in the enrollment/re-enrollment process to be implemented statewide.  There is a strong focus on renewals.  Some administrative gliches have been identified that hinder the process.  Marla and Patty conducted a phone survey with families that were due for re-enrollment.  68% of those called returned their application. 


There was a discussion on the placement of an eligibility date on the card, which has been requested by providers and consumers.  Renate is writing a letter to Fred Boothe regarding renewal issues.


CHIP update-  The passive renewal process has begun.  A small problem has been observed with some people returning pay stubs even though they are not required to (for those who have not experienced a change in income) and the forms are being held for verification instead of automatic reenrollment.  Sharon has asked the change center to forward these cases to the CHIP office for resolution.


CHIP Expansion Study Legislation-  CHIP legislation is ready for 3rd reading today in the House.  The legislation will be presented to Senate.  It has had unanimous support on the House side.  If this passes the CHIP board will study feasibility of the expansion and devise a plan for implementation and present it during interims in August.  There will be some additional administrative costs to the CHIP office, which will be studied as well.


Sharon Carte shared that Pennsylvania has a process in use that allows applicants to apply for programs by utilizing an agreement with Community Partners to accept a signature for the applicant and keep it on file for one year.  Application information goes directly into the RAPIDS system for determination.  In WV, electronic signature is allowed, but this process must be approved by the policy unit.


Medicaid Update-  The DHHR web site  has information regarding the implementation of the new HMOs in WV.  This site can be accessed at  www.wvdhhr.org click on Medical services and choose the Managed Care option.  Questions regarding HMOs are being directed to this address.  County specific information is available.  HMOs pay the going rate in the community or the fee schedule.  There is a problem with the lack of a standardized rate schedule between FQHCs and RFCs.  They are working with both of these agencies to address this problem and develop a standardized rate.  Medicaid has also been working diligently on the budget to address the projected deficit.


Newsletters-  Julie is working on the next issue of the newsletter.  Articles need to be in by March 10. 


Communications Plan- Anne Durham distributed a draft communication plan for review and comments.  A list of goals, target audiences, and strategies were reviewed and suggestions for improvement were made. 


The meeting was adjourned.


The next meeting will be April 7, 2020.


Minutes submitted by: Julie Greathouse



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