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July 7, 2004

The meeting was called to order. Those present included Renate Pore, Nancy Tolliver, Beverly Bolles, Elva Morrison, Julie Greathouse, Sharon Carte and Marla Short.

The minutes were reviewed and accepted as presented (with the correction of one typo).

Coalition Updates:

-Letter to Fred Boothe: the letter to Fred has been sent encouraging engagement with the Coalition. Fred is no longer the Director. The new Director is Margaret Waybright. We will contact Margaret in August and ask to meet with her. We will also set up a meeting with Nancy Atkins. Nancy Tolliver, Julie Greathouse, Brian Cuningham, and Renate will attend.

Contracts with Anne Durham and Rick Wilson: We have signed a contract with Rick Wilson to conduct trainings with Community Partners. Anne has agreed to enter into a communications contract mainly to develop training materials for Legislators.

CATCH Conference: Renate will attend the conference. This AAP conference will focus on health issues, including screenings, access to health care and preventive care.

Benedum Report: Renate will do a report to Benedum on the progress of the Community Partners project. Information from the Community Partners interim reports will be included in the report.

CHIP Update: CHIP held a Faith based training in Raleigh Co. About 20 representatives from the faith community attended and received training about CHIP, WIC, Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health, and other programs. Other churches that were unable to attend requested packets. The Coalition set up a display for this event.

State Fair: The CHIP office will have a booth at the WV State Fair. They are seeking volunteers to staff the booth. The fair will run from August 13-22.

The new direction for the CHIP office will be a focus on health prevention. New partnerships have been developed between the school nurses, school based health committees and CHIP.

CHIP enrollment is still increasing. For July there are over 23,000 enrolled, which has been the steady enrollment range for the last few months.

On July 29th CHIP will present the interim results of CHIP expansion study to the Legislature.

Last week CHIP sent out a letter informing providers that from now on they can only bill for the administration of immunizations and not for the vaccine itself. This will encourage providers to order their immunizations from the state bank and help with the tracking of immunizations administered.

Community Partners Interim Reports: Community partners were asked to complete an interim report for their projects. All of the partners submitted a report. A chart of the activities completed was developed and shared with the committee.

Back to School: This year’s ‘Back to School’ campaign will coincide with the ‘WV Tax Free Weekend’ beginning August 6, 2020 and ending August 8th. Many of the community partners have submitted events that they have planned for the event. Renate will write a op-ed or press release to submit to state papers to publicize the campaign. We will forward these releases to community partners for submission in their local papers.

Outline for Gubernatorial Forums- Renate called the Manchin Campaign and they are available Sept. 8 and we are waiting to see if Monty Warner is available for Oct. 6. An agenda for these forums will be developed during the Full Coalition meeting on August 18. It was decided that the November Full Coalition meeting should be moved to Oct. 6 in conjunction with forum for the convenience of attendees.

Broad goals- During the August Full Coalition meeting we will also develop a workplan for year four of the RWJF grant. We will present the coalition with the goals of the coalition which are the three RWJF goals. In addition we would also like to focus on the promotion of access to health care and how to utilize the system. It was suggested that we develop a consumer education program for young parents- what to do when your child has a fever, etc. Sharon Carte would like to see us coordinate around early childhood and have a strong focus on early childhood screenings (Health Check). Phil Edwards will be holding an early childhood health conference. It was decided that the additional goal would be to: Increase the number of children seen for age appropriate preventative care (Health Chek). Additional funding will be sought to fund this goal.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on August 4, 2020 at 2003 Quarrier Street, East from 10-Noon.

Minutes submitted by Julie Greathouse.

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