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August, 4, 2004

The meeting was called to order.  Those present included Renate Pore, Jennifer Kayrouz, Pam Gunter, BJ Scarberry, Julie Greathouse, Anne Durham, and Sharon Carte.

The minutes were reviewed and approved as presented.    Updates: report submitted to Benedum, web based reporting completed and contract signed with Anne. 

Back to School:  a press packet was reviewed for Back to School media.  Anne Durham will submit these to the statewide network that prints in 25 local newspapers.  The CHIP office will contribute $2500 towards covering the cost of the submissions.  Local projects are conducting events across the state.

CHIP Update:  Immunizations- Public Health Vaccine for Children Program.  Beginning August 1, 2020, WVCHIP providers will need to enroll in the Vaccines for Children Program in order to administer vaccines to CHIP patients.  This agreement between WVCHIP and the VFC program allows WVCHIP to purchase vaccines at a federally negotiated discount rate and provides a substantial cost savings to WVCHIP and the provider.

CHIP ExpansionStudy was presented to the Board to look at preliminary results of how much the CHIP expansion would cost the state.  The board will meet on August 12th to decide what options to present to Legislature.

The State Fair booth will be set up.  The schedule is pretty well filled with a few openings for volunteers.  The new CHIP display will be used.  Spanish CHIP materials will be soon be available  “Hable’ Espanole”.  Current CHIP enrollment is 23,600.

Meeting with Margaret Waybright- a meeting will be set up with her after the strategic planning meeting to give her an idea of where we will be heading in the future- sometime in early September.

Goals for Full Coalition Process- we will meet with Community Partners in the morning to develop Outreach and education on reenrollment workplan items. The afternoon session will address the other coalition goals.  



-Outreach (adult and child)



-Coordination {adult and child}

-Children’s Health Conference

-Child Health

The meeting was adjourned.  The next Steering Committee meeting will be September 1, 2020

Minutes submitted by Julie Greathouse.

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