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WVHKFC -- Steering Committee

September 1, 2020

The meeting was called to order.  Those present included:  Janet Hunt, Anne Durham, Catherine Carter, Laura Gandee, BJ Scarberry, Tom LaPointe, Julie Greathouse, Renate Pore, Pam Gunter, Nancy Tolliver, and Rick Wilson.

Gubernatorial Forum- Invited Manchin- Gail Manchin will attend in his place.  Kids Count, Every Child Matters, FRNA, WVCC, will partner with us on this.  The purpose of this is to make the Gubernatorial candidates aware of our mission and goals.  Tom LaPointe pointed out that it would be beneficial to give the candidates a list of questions before hand and then open it up for questions from the group.  As partner groups introduce themselves they need to outline what’s important to their organization, and phrase their question to include why it is important (including data would be beneficial).  The moderator will ask the questions that will be given to the candidate prior to the event.  Posters of Children will be placed around the room and Anne will make the major bullet points. 

The five questions will be:

-If elected, what will you do to help reduce child abuse and neglect and what changes would you make to better help child protective services in WV?

-If elected, what will you do to insure that every child in WV has health insurance, is fully immunized, and has the best available medical care?

 -What else should WV be doing to provide health care options to families who can’t get private coverage? 

-If elected, what will you do to ensure that every child, regardless of income or background, has access to high quality pre-school education?

 -If elected, what will you do to promote after-school programs that provide learning activities and connect kids with caring adults?

 Who needs to be there?

-Kids Count- Margie will come

-Every Child Matters- Tom will attend

-FRNA- there is a conflict of meetings- Anne will check

-WVPCA- Julie will call Brian

-SBHA- Reante will call Becky and Eileen

-PCAWV- Anne will call Julie Pratt

-WVCC- he may not be able to attend- Renate will contact

-Afterschool Programs- Anne will attend

-AAP- Renate will call

-Mountain State Families Can- Anne will contact

-Families First- Anne will contact

-Oral Health Task Force- Nancy will contact Gail

-WVHA- Nancy

-State Medical Association- Nancy will contact

-American Friends Service Committee- Rick will attend


Anne will invite the media.


Dialogue with Gubernatorial Candidates

Anne will contact WV Media to get a moderator and increase our chances of media coverage.  Nancy Tonkin will be asked as back-up or possibly for October.  Renate will co-host if needed.

-Welcome and Introductions (either individual or by group)

-Ground rules speech- explanation of forum

-General questions and answer

-Questions from audience that have been submitted in advance.

 CHIP Update- Children’s Health Collaboration Workshop- there was a meeting with State agencies to make sure that everyone is on the same page and to work on future collaboration.  

The minutes were approved. 

Planning Process:  the strategies were reviewed from the Outreach, Simplification/Coordination and Maintaining and expanding.  Julie and Renate will develop the workplan for next year and present it to the Steering Committee meeting in November.

New Census Data:  Renate presented new census data from the yearly study that is conducted.  There is a very small sample pool for WV.  According to this data, there was a total of 417,000 WV children through age 18, and of those 39,000 were uninsured.    There is also a breakdown by income group- of the 39,000, 25,000 are under 200% of the FPL.  Renate will put together some bullet points on the number in comparison to some other data that we have to gauge the accuracy of this data as it does not correspond with the numbers that we have.

Back to School- Media was submitted and events held.  CKF published a ‘Back to School’ State Activities report and WV has several pages of listings.

System of Care Collaborative call to action was distributed.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Julie Greathouse.

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