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August 20, 2020

The meeting was called to order.  Those present included:  Renate Pore, Julie Greathouse, Nancy Tonkin, Nancy Tolliver, Marla Short, Brian Cunningham, Gary Zuckett, and Sharon Carte.

The minutes were reviewed.  Nancy Tonkin made a motion to approve, Nancy Tolliver seconded.

Financial Report- The semi-annual financial report was submitted to RWJF.  We have spent half of our money and are on track.  Renate submitted a letter of intent to SSJCF for $100,000 to continue to fund outreach- including money for coordinators travel, training and etc.

Membership- 2 new organizational members recruited- WV State Women’s Commission and Columbia Gas Corporation.  Additional focus will continue on recruitment.  Renate and Nancy Tolliver met with the Workforce Investment Board regarding collaboration.  Membership will try to concentrate on recruiting state level organizations.  A list of all organizational members will be included on all printings.  The list of newsletter mailings needs to be expanded.  It will be reviewed and all agencies that we feel need to be included will be added.

CHIP Update- Sharon Carte reported that CHIP is waiting to hear form Feds about reallocation funds.  Renate asked if the funds could be used for expansion of coverage.  Sharon suggested that we wait until the HAC report to pick out one issue to focus on for legislative session.- Buy in for parents could be an option that we would propose.  Cuts are certain to be made in the Medicaid program, but we are adamant that the programs for children will not be cut. 

Renate and Nancy Tolliver prepared a letter to be included with the brochure on CHIP and Medicaid benefits- ‘Making a Difference’.  These will be mailed out to every organization.

Agenda for Outreach/Full Coalition Meeting- Nancy Tonkin prepared a sample agenda for the Oct. 1 meeting.  The title for the meeting will be ‘Helping Families: A Primer on Free and Low Cost Health Care Programs’.  Presentations will be given from agencies on free and low cost programs for families and children, including SHINE, hospitals (free/reduced care), prescription programs and others.

Stakeholders survey group- Stakeholders have been interviewed and the consensus is that they want us to continue work that we have been doing, but would also like to see us move towards a focus on how to use health care system.  Copies of this survey will be sent to funders. 

Outreach Participation Survey- Julie is conducting a survey of PCA clinics in the state to gauge the level of outreach performed at each clinic.  Several of the clinics have been hard to reach.  FRNs have been contacted via e-mail with the same survey.  Only 2 responses have been received form FRNs at this time.

Work plan overview- The workplan for 2003 was reviewed and we are on target for most of the activities.  Development for the 2004 workplan should start soon.

State fair- The CHIP booth at the State Fair was very successful.  Applications, information and promotional items were distributed to fair-goers by volunteers. 

On Friday of this week WCHS television station will be having  a Children’s expo at the Civic Center.  Any info that we can get to them they will include in the goody bags that will be distributed to every participant.

Meeting was adjourned.




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