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WVHKFC Steering Committee 


Persons Present:

Renate Pore

Mary Virginia DeRoo

Gary Zuckett

Shelley Baston

Dennis Sparks

Nancy Tonkin 


Managed Care:

Shelley explained that UniCare would be moving into the 15 northern states to provide HMO services to families for Medicaid.  HMOs do some outreach but most is done through a contract. 



Renate reported there were 202,000 children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP in the last quarter, representing 50 percent of the children in WV.


Simplification and Coordination:

A draft report is available and comments are needed by November 21st to Renate.  There are problems with children staying enrolled, despite the 12-month eligibility.  We believe there is 25 percent of the kids who do not re-enroll for the subsequent year and 50 percent do stay in the program for their full 12 months of eligibility. Webster County will be used to try to determine the problems the families are experiencing. 


Shelley said this is a problem with children currently enrolled through the HMOs also.


Renate thanked Shelley for getting Brenda Crawford, Policy Department of the DHHR appointed to the Subcommittee.


Newsletter for December:

It was suggested that the December newsletter should include articles from the Charles Walter’s research on enrollment-Renate to write.

Results of the Benedum grant application (Foundation is meeting early in December)

Legislative Update on issues affecting children and families.


Upcoming Legislative Session:

Dennis reported that there is a “Cross Coalition” working to put the issue of children and families before the candidates for the 2004 election.  It was moved and seconded and approved to support the issues identified in the document and to have the WVHKC listed on the entities supporting the issues.



Mary Virginia suggested that we do a State Journal article about the WVHKFC.


Health Fair:

Nancy reported on a health fair meeting she attended representing the WVHKFC.  For the last two years, there have been 4-5 regional health fairs put on in conjunction with Pfizer, PEIA, Medicaid and other local groups.  Depending on funding availability, the WVHKFC will participate also.


Next Meeting:

The Steering Committee will meet at 10:00-12:00 on 2003 Quarrier Street on January 7, 2004


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