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November 2, 2020

The meeting was called to order. Those present included: Renate Pore, Katherine Carter, Marla Short, Anne Durham, Virginia Pugh, Pam Gunter, Beverly Bolles, Jennifer Kayrouz, Nancy Tolliver and Sharon Carte.

The minutes from the 9-04-04 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Feedback from the Gubernatorial was positive. Anne Durham suggested that we need to work toward a face-to-face dialogue with both candidates for future forums.

Fitness Head to Toe- Pam shared that there is an opportunity to partner with the Raleigh Co. Education in the development of a Fitness head to toe tab. If this project were implemented statewide to newspapers and schools we would need 121,600 copies at a cost of around $20,000. The CHIP office is working to gather partners who would like to contribute funds as well as articles for this project. Renate said that the coalition would contribute a small amount for this project.

Current CHIP enrollment was around 24,000 at the end of September.

The CHIP board has completed the CHIP expansion study and presented it to the Legislature.

The meeting dates for 2005 were presented and approved. The Children’s Policy Forum and Children’s Day at the Legislature will be February 15 and 16. The first full coalition meeting will coincide with the policy forum.

Table covers and t-shirts- As stated in our 2005 workplan the coalition will purchase table covers and t-shirts to distribute to Community Partners. Julie checked prices for table covers, which will cost about $125 each. It was suggested that we check the prices for table runners instead as they may be cheaper. It was decided that we would price 500 t-shirts and 10 skirts. Nancy suggested that we call and ask if people are interested in these shirts to wear for outreach events. The shirts need to have the coalition logo, CHIP logo, Children’s Medicaid and the Office of Maternal, Child, and Family Health. Julie will call some PCA’s and find out if they are interested in receiving t-shirts. Renate will call…/

Newsletter- the newsletter will be ready to go out by the middle of November. Julie requested more articles. Some suggestions: CHIP enrollment continues to increase, baby shower, PIC collaborative, date of Children’s day and forum.

Update on PIC collaborative- Renate reported on the PIC collaborative- the WV project team focused on re-enrollment of CHIP children at the end of a 12-month period and looked at strategies to keep children continuously enrolled. The findings include that 27% of the 45% of children who don’t reenroll are due to age-out, acquiring private coverage, or move out of state. This project will conclude at the end of the year, but CHIP will continue to monitor this information on it’s own.

The workplan for 2005- The committee reviewed and approved the 2005 workplan- with the addition of ‘Participate in the Health advisory group to examine health coverage’.

RWJF Budget for 2005- the budget was reviewed and approved.

ACCESS PROJECT- Renate reported that we have not explored additional funding for the continuation of community partners. RWJF offered grants of $125,000 for 2 years to look at the experiences of CHIP and MCD recipients. UnitedWay is one of the 15 projects funded. Findings so far are that most people are having a good experience- access to care on evenings and weekends is a problem. Most kids are receiving preventative dental care. Parents indicated that they would like to have more information on how to take care of their kids. Renate and Beverly compiled this information into a report. Recommendations for strategies from the findings; promote the Nurseline, and distribute booklet- ‘What to do when your child gets sick’ as well as trainings on how to use this booklet. We will explore funding to expand this project. Partners will be sought to collaborate on this effort.

The meeting was adjourned.


Minutes submitted by Julie Greathouse.

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