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WVHKFC -- Steering Committee

June 2, 2020

The meeting was called to order.  Those present included:  Renate Pore, Dennis Sparks, Joe Miller, Rick Wilson, Nancy Tolliver, and Julie Greathouse

The minutes from the April 7, 2020 meeting were reviewed and accepted.

In regard to CHIP renewal, about 25% of the families are leaving CHIP due to the acquisition of employer insurance or that they have aged out.

ARC Grant:

We did not receive the ARC grant.  They received $50 mil in funding requests.  Unfortunately we were not one of the funded requests.

Communications Contract:

Renate sent a contract to Anne Durham for about $10,000 to develop materials for Legislators, a training for current legislators and a CHIP/MDC 101 presentation for new legislators.  She will also attend all meeting and look for opportunities to publicize our work.

Letter to Fred Boothe:

A copy of a letter that Renate drafted to send Fred Boothe was reviewed.  The purpose of the letter is to engage his participation in issues.  The letter was reviewed and approved to send to Fred.  The letter will be followed by a phone call to set up a meeting with him.

Medicaid Update:

Shelley was unable to attend die to the fact that she is traveling around the state to promote MMC.  We should include a training for people regarding MMC in our next years workplan.

CHIP Update:

The WV State Fair is coming up in August.  The CHIP office is seeking volunteers to staff the booth.

Cover the Uninsured Week:

A prayer breakfast and rally are planned for the third week in June to coincide with WV Day.  This will be followed by a rally at the Capitol.  Other events are being planned as well. 

Health Care Safety Net:

We have contracted with Rick Wilson to travel and conduct training sessions on how to best utilize the available system.  Renate will develop an email to send to partners to encourage them to contact Rick to set up a training session. 

Nancy reported that a report of data on uninsured and how effectively they utilize free or Primary Care Clinic services is finished and the results will be ready to present soon.  This will be reported at the Primary Care Association meeting in Sept. as well as to the WV Free Clinic Association.

Dennis mentioned that the faith community could assist in gathering information in communities regarding how people utilize HCSN services.

Renate received a report at a meeting in DC that outlines procedures for ‘patching’ the health care safety net.

CKF Southern Regional Meeting- Action Plan- Legislative Education:

Julie, Renate and Sharon attended the Southern Regional Meeting in Miami.  A planning process that was shared with the participants will be used by the coalition for developing our workplan for next year.  An action plan was developed at that meeting for a legislative education piece.  The contract with Anne Durham will address a great deal of the work with this process. 

The following actions will be taken:

-Nancy and Renate will meet with Gail Manchin (wife of Gubernatorial candidate).

-We will schedule special meetings with each Gubernatorial candidate (September 8 and October 6) to see where they stand on children’s issues, make them aware or our goals, and to engage their participation.  We will ask Nancy Tonkin to moderate.

-We will ask the Full Coalition in Aug. what we would like to know from these candidates and develop our forum form that. 

The Rural Health Association will have a Legislative panel on Oct 27 from 8:30-12 at Stonewall Resort.  Dennis shared that the WV Council of Churches Annual Assembly will be held on October 24th and 25th

The meeting was adjourned.

The next Steering Committee meeting will be held on July 7, 2020.

Minutes submitted by Julie Greathouse

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