About Us

Our Mission

We, along with other individuals, private organizations, and state agencies, work to improve the health of children and families in West Virginia. We provide a forum for diverse organizations to discuss, coordinate and collaborate on issues that improve the health and well-being of West Virginia children.

The Facts

Thirty percent (30%) of West Virginia boys and girls under age six live in poverty. That means that a family of three earns less than $20,000/year, or about $400/week.Research in brain development shows that social, emotional and cognitive development is shaped in early childhood and has a lifelong effect.Poor kids are 5 times more likely to have children outside marriage, twice as likely to be arrested, and nearly 3 times as likely to have severe health problems, than kids not living near the poverty line. Poor kids also end up earning incomes less than half those of their counterparts.Taking care of our most vulnerable children is not only the right thing to do; it is the best way to help our state’s health, welfare, and economy in the long run.

Our Goals

Over the next year, as we begin this campaign, our goals are to:

  • Organize a broad coalition across race, religious, geographic, and ideological lines.
  • Survey and mobilize a base of families and kids to share their stories and lead this campaign.
  • Research and develop a full policy agenda that, if implemented, would reduce child poverty in West Virginia by half.
  • Create and begin to act on a legislative strategy for achieving our policy goals.